Do you have a career in mind, or you are unsure of which career path you want to take? Gain new skills today and earn a certificate that unlocks opportunities to unlimited contacts. 

Find quality IT & Business courses that are tailored to boost your leverage in the job market and increase your knowledge in advanced professional careers. Let us make you more marketable in the industry, as our global experts and instructors show you skills that they have used to transform the multi-billion dollar industry.

Our online learning platform is easy to use, and our help lines are open to give 24/7 online support to all our clients and participants.

A key advantage of getting your certification through iSTAT Academy, we will provide assistance to develop resume and help with job search

Join over 20,000 students online to reshape your career path and decrypt a result-oriented learning pattern that is capable of building your skills and advance your ability to understand the technology and platform that drive successful business in every organization

Our online courses are shaped in three major patterns: 


Our professional certification courses come in two forms:

a. All of our enrolled students get an industry recognized and certified professional certificate at the end of every course they take, which can be easily reviewed by employers around the world. These courses carry various modules and assessments that determine how we score our students. These grades are used by industries to determine the proficiency level of our graduated students. We guarantee a great learning experience in all courses of study.  All of our trainers are industry and academically certified to bring the best out of every individual enrolled in iSTAT Academy.

b. Other participants seeking to pass any industry-based certification exams are given special attention. Our ultimate goal is to continue to see high success rates. All of the trainings and courses in this category are given hands-on practical experienced based certifications. We are rich in both resources and certified professionals that can bring your dream of high success into reality. 

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Over the years, reputable organizations have trusted us in bringing our courses to their employees and a good record of positive changes has been recorded over the time.  

We encourage companies to introduce yearly or quarterly training for both new and old employees in their organization, this is the only way to help them grow both in knowledge and leadership, we sensitize directors to help employees grow into leadership in their department because this is one way they can be assured of both good character towards the job and good returns at the end of the business day. 

Let’s walk you through a range of learning content designed to help grow your business capacity and give you that well deserved competitive advantage. 

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Individuals and organizations seeking to develop themselves in a specialized area can request a specialized course of training, we have a huge library of courses that have been designed for self paced learning which have been prepared and delivered by our networks of highly rated and certified professionals. 

Therefore, whatever your interest, your schedule, or your budget, we surely have something available for you in any field that you can think of; we have dedicated student advisors who guide our students as they progress in their course of studies. 

Take advantage of our short-term self paced courses and create that differential career path for yourself and your team.

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Our goal is to make your experience unique and intimate by utilizing online and digital learning that’s led by world-class renowned and certified professional trainers.

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